A new sport Subaru BRZ

27 Feb 9:08 am

Subaru and Toyota have elaborated a very good sport car that provides not only aesthetic pleasure, but has a power and high-capacity that make you enjoy the ride. Subaru BRZ looks like Toyota GT86. This is the result of the Toyota and Subaru teamwork. The 2.0 liter opposed-piston engine of direct injection is like in Subaru. But the direct injection technology has been elaborated by Toyota. The engine power is 200 HP.


Maximum torque and power boost speak for themselves and demonstrate that Subaru and Toyota have elaborated together a real sport car. Subaru SVX is also one of the best sport cars. The new Subaru is very compact space-saving. It is 4.24m long, 1.78m wide and only 1.28 high. Therefore it is similar to Golf. There are no spare parts for this car model yet, as it will appear on the market in summer 2012. Till then everyone can admire the beautiful appearance of the car and dream about it. The capacity and features of this vehicle justify its price. This car, the final product of Subaru and Toyota teamwork, is perfect for sport driving.


It offers everything you can only imagine related to sport cars and shows the best capacity on any motorway. For cars connoisseurs it is a great delight. They will be happy to enjoy driving this car elaborated due to the well-coordinated work and partnership of two famous manufacturers.

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