Suzuki SX4 goes to a higher level

18 Jun 10:52 am

Since its first generation, SX4 relied on an apparent pseudo-SUV, even if the 4 × 2 versions were hatchbacks as classical as possible. Raised body (over 1.5 m, regardless of version), the body protection trims and wheel drive have classified it as a crossover that used to compete in a whole new category of vehicle. It is a sort of 2 in 1, if you like.

The new model launched at the Geneva Motor Show, seems to give up on this line, in order to further develop its crossover side. The body dimensions have migrated from the upper area of the small class to the compact class. It is 15 cm longer (4.3 m) and the wheelbase was also increased by 10 cm (2.6 m). As a result, the Japanese promise greater interior space and a significantly bigger luggage compartment (the capacity was increased from 270 to 430 liters). Suzuki creators say that the design is inspired from the S-Cross concept, presented in 2012 in Paris. However, except for oversized headlights, the body is balanced and gives no reasons for controversy.
The interior has the same design line, revealing discrete forms and ornaments, creating a refreshing atmosphere. A large sunroof is available as optional equipment. The motorization will be provided by a MAS and a diesel, both with a capacity of 1.6-liter, which’s power is still unknown. Another optional equipment would be the continuously variable transmission and seven predefined levels. An integral „next generation“ transmission will be available, but this is another device we know nothing about. Details are currently not yet available. It is very likely that there will be offered a basic model with front-wheel drive only.
The new Suzuki SX4 will be manufactured at the Suzuki plant in Hungary and will be presented in all European Show-rooms this autumn.


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