Mercedes-Benz E 350 BlueTEC Debuts New 9-Speed Transmission

26 Sep 8:58 am

Mercedes-Benz has a long and successful history of developing and manufacturing superior quality automatic transmissions. For over a half century, the car maker has been building transmissions that are known for their smooth shifting, energy efficiency, and durability. Over the years Mercedes-Benz has created over 22 million of these automatic car transmissions in its plant near the brand’s headquarters in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, Germany.


Now Mercedes-Benz is introducing the first nine-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter. This new transmission is the 9G-TRONIC and it is designed specifically for Mercedes’ premium vehicles. It will make its debut in the Mercedes E 350 BlueTEC, which will make it one of the most fuel-efficient six-cylinder diesel models in its class. NEDC fuel use in the Mercedes E-Class for example, is reduced to 5.3 litres of diesel per 100 km with the new transmission. The E 350 BlueTEC with the 9G-TRONIC as standard is available to order immediately, and in spite of the advancements, pricing for both Saloon and Estate models remains the same.


The new 9G – TRONIC not only improves shifting comfort while aboard the E-Class, but it also reduces external noise by up to 4 dB. The transmission utilises short gear changes, which are barely noticeable. Higher speeds can be attained at lower engine speeds that provide even greater comfort. For example, one may achieve 120 km/h in 9th gear with just an engine speed of around just 1350 rpm. This is obviously a large factor in reducing the consumption of fuel.


Mercedes engineers focused on developing a transmission that not only would improve mileage and comfort, but one that would be compact and lightweight. They were able to accomplish that as well with the new 9G – TRONIC. Despite the fact that it has two more gears than its predecessor, it doesn’t take up any more space and it is in fact, lighter. The two-piece housing has been kept, the torque converter housing is made of lighter aluminium, and the transmission housing is constructed with a magnesium alloy, which is even lighter.


Motor Authority” offers a look inside of the ground-breaking transmission which will eventually make its way into Mercedes models beyond the E-Class.


With smoother shifting, a more comfortable ride, lower noise, lighter weight and improved fuel consumption, Mercedes engineers have once again demonstrated why they are so globally respected. The new 9G – TRONIC 9-speed transmission is yet another advancement that keeps the nameplate at the forefront of automotive engineering.



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