Mercedes-Benz E 350 BlueTEC Debuts New 9-Speed Transmission

26 Sep 8:58 am

Mercedes-Benz has a long and successful history of developing and manufacturing superior quality automatic transmissions. For over a half century, the car maker has been building transmissions that are known for their smooth shifting, energy efficiency, and durability. Over the years Mercedes-Benz has created over 22 million of these automatic car transmissions in its plant near the brand’s headquarters in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, Germany.

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Fuel efficiency: tips to save on fuel

19 Sep 7:38 am

One of the biggest expenses of owning a car – besides paying for the car itself – is fuel consumption. Trying to save on fuel is important not only from an environmental point of view, but it also makes good economical sense. Some cars are naturally more fuel efficient than others – a Prius is more fuel-efficient than a Hummer – but there are many things drivers can do to lower fuel consumption on their vehicle. Here are some of the basics:

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